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Ma Roller

I was introduced to the Ma roller years ago by a friend in the yoga community. It doesn’t look very exciting, just a wooden dowel with some knobs on it. It is the most effective tool for back pain I’ve found. The Ma roller is a remarkably simply tool that most wouldn’t consider. It’s a […]

Neti pot

A neti pot is a small teapot like tool you use to clean out your nose and lower sinuses. I was introduced to it years ago after reading about their use in yoga for breathing exercises. You fill the neti with a mix of water, sea salt and a little baking soda to soften the […]

Sleep and naps

I rarely get a full weekend off anymore. In the past year I can remember maybe 2 weekends that I had off with no clients and no major work to be taken care of. Working saturdays at the chiropractors office means that saturdays are a full day with clients and a yoga class. Every saturday […]

hospice and gardening

Years ago I found out my uncle had been diagnosed with cancer. I’d just moved away to Pennsylvania to go to massage school and based on his prognosis, I’d just make it home in time to say goodbye. When I finished school I of course bolted home and went to my mothers to see family […]

beans and legumes

Beans are a wonderful food that seems overlooked in the American diet. Not only are they nutritionally dense but also provide ample fiber and diversity to meals. They’re full of vitamins and complex carbohydrates and every study I can find says they should be added to our diet. They’re inexpensive, easy to grow and make […]

Thai Yoga Massage pt. 2

Thai massage has it’s own story. As with any story, the best one wins. The best story is that Dr. Zhivago created traditional Thai massage while he was the Buddha’s doctor. Along with Buddhism, Thai massage spread into Thailand from nothern India. There the work was preserved by monks who used it to aid their […]

Thai Yoga Massage

Living in an area where this bodywork isn’t common I feel it’s necessary to work to educate massage therapists and the public on this healing path. I’ve been a massage therapist for 9 years and worked with Thai Yoga Massage for 7 or so of those years. Even after all this time the work is […]

healing quickly

Healing and working with your body takes time. Once you’ve been injured the time it takes depends on a large number of variables from nature to nurture. In a popular yoga book I read it recommended that someone with severe low back pain work on it maybe for 12 years. Upon reading that I found […]

making change

A client asked me recently to write an article about how to make health changes that will stick. The two main areas this involves usually include diet and exercise. Most of the clients I see wind up discussing their exercise regimens and lifestyles with me. People have a wide range of physical aptitude and activity […]

Bun Thit Nuong

Spring is upon us and our food tends to lighten. I put away the hearty stews and meat of the winter menu and start eating more vegetables and lighter fare. This dish is one of my favorites at a Vietnamese restaurant. Years ago in Baton Rouge, La I discovered a small place that served it […]

Local or Organic?

I thought I’d spend some time talking about the issues surrounding the ideas of local and organic when it comes to farm products, specifically produce. So let’s work with some definitions. What does local mean? Good luck. I think local is when I pick a lettuce out of my front yard and I don’t think […]

Lest we forget

What are we working towards in Yoga? Just thought about this video the other day and wanted to post it. Tony Sanchez is influenced by Bishnu Gosh, Bikram’s teacher. Over the years as my practice has grown I realize it’s less and less physical and more internal. Your yoga practice over time becomes something you […]