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Reboot™ and the State of Massage Education

I give talks periodically at the Lauterstein Conway Massage School here in Austin, TX. As a continuing education provider and entrepreneur it’s always interesting to walk into a class full of students and see where they’re at mentally. 15 years in my industry and I’m now 40 years old with a solid grasp of what’s […]

Why Get a Massage When You Can Reboot™

Potential clients are sometimes confused about what it is that I offer. As a massage therapist in the trenches of the massage industry even my colleagues are confused by what I’m doing and offering. There’s an opiate epidemic in our country that few massage therapists are discussing. Reboot™, in my 15 year clinical experience, is […]

Getting Clients to Try New Services

Gael Wood is a friend and colleague and wanted space for a guest post. Working in the mainstream of the massage industry she touches on some of the issues I see with Thai massage and getting clients to try a new service. She recommends what I usually recommend. The slow incremental take over. 🙂 Go […]

Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica is something I see in clinical practice regularly. Clients have this pain that runs down the posterior of their leg and nine times out of ten their piriformis has clamped down on their sciatic nerve. They don’t have a clinical case of sciatica or nerve degeneration they just has a case of what I […]

What is Thai Massage?

What Is Thai Massage? I used to think I knew. At least I thought I had an idea. Over time Thai massage has vaporized in my mind in the way that American history has changed due to revisionist history. When I first studied with my teacher it was just Thai massage sometimes called Thai yoga […]

What is Thai massage jam ®?

Thai massage jam ® is a community bodywork and massage event I’ve hosted in Austin for four years. During that time we’ve seen thousands of people wander through our event and wonder what was going on. No one has ever seen anything like it. We meet at least once a week in Austin, Texas and […]

Is Massage Healthcare?

As my practice develops I continue to challenge myself to improve my craft. I couldn’t perform the highest quality bodywork in settings under someone else even medical ones. Every work environment I encountered had practices that prevented clients from receiving  the best bodywork for their issues. Insurance will only allow an hour etc. To allow […]

What Is Reboot ™?

We’re gearing up to start offering Phase classes of my Reboot ™ curriculum. Students and the public are asking questions and I hope to provide answers with some website changes and a plethora of videos that demonstrate what I’m teaching and why it’s so important for the public and massage therapists. When Reboot ™ is […]

Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage?

Someone wrote me to ask what the difference was between these and I felt it’d be a good idea to write a post about it. I’m tied into this confusion myself and if you download my free Thai massage workbook you’ll notice something if you look very closely. The cover page says Thai yoga massage. […]