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Massage Waiting List

I had a conversation with a colleague and student and while discussing our businesses and doing massage sessions he asked how many clients I see a week. I casually mentioned, “around 4” and he was in complete shock. “That’s it? Just 4?” I said in reply, “well consider that now I have other streams of […]

Innovation and Early Adopters

People think that they love change. They don’t. They fight resist and block it with every attempt including legislation because frankly impermanence is scary and it’s easier if things would just stop changing so fast. Years ago I adopted a different stance. That stance was that since all things are impermanent why not just float […]

Why Businesses Fail

I spend lots of time doing what increasingly looks like consulting. My presumption is that you become a consultant just by doing things becoming successful and then realizing that an increasing amount of your time is spent assisting others in the pitfalls of their doing the same. Spending time talking to colleagues and clients I […]

I Want To Take Your Class Then Teach Thai Massage

Messages come through my inbox regularly and we’ve worked hard in the last ten years providing Thai massage and education in the Austin area as well as many states in the U.S. As the practice grows what I increasingly hear is, “can I take your class then train others?” I have students sign contracts specifically […]

Do I Need A License To Do Thai Massage?

I get this email once a week and need a standardized template response. This blog post is likely to be edited and revised over time. You want to do Thai massage without a license? Here’s the problem. Each state in the U.S. has different laws and we’re increasingly teaching internationally. I can legally teach anyone […]

How Do I Get Started Studying Thai Massage?

Thai massage has a lot of background and complexity. Many will recommend going to Thailand and Chang Mai to study and I think that’s a great option for those who can afford it. As a long term 16 year practitioner massage therapist and yoga teacher I’ve my own thoughts on education and what I see […]

Back Pain Relief

As a massage therapist and yoga teacher I’ve had my own share of back pain over the years and a steadfast passion in helping people learn how to work on themselves and others. Much back pain seems to be rooted in a keyed up nervous system that’s told a muscle to contract and hang on […]

Neck Pain Relief Techniques At Home

Many people I see have ongoing issues with their neck and I’ve developed easy to use stuff even I use at home to help myself between massage sessions. These in no way replace seeing a professional but I think they work best with regular massage as maintenance. If you have a foam roll at home […]

Upper Back Pain Relief

Upper back pain and neck issues are a constant that massage therapists see in their offices. In addition to the soft tissue work I do I assist clients by giving them information on how to work on themselves. This means that their back pain goes away longer and if it recurs they have a way […]

How Do I Get Started With Thai Massage

I get regular phone calls and social media contacts from students trying to figure out where to get started studying Thai massage. When you work with me I’ve done my best to distill 15 years of practice into a seamless experience. While many students will do best with in person classes I think they severely […]

Lomilomi Massage in Austin Texas

Jason Bratcher is a colleague and friend that I wanted to interview and talk shop with. He’s had a practice for many years and works in a polar opposite form of table based work called Lomilomi. It’s originally from Hawaii and the pacific islands. It typically involves lots of oil on a table and tons […]